Minggu, 18 November 2007

Bangku Kosong

Bangku Kosong (Empty Chair), tells a story about a possessed girl in a high school. Once there was a high school girl named Clara who went missing, and the body never found. After the incident, no one dare to sit in the desk that Clara used to sit. They believed that Clara’s spirit still haunted the chair. Even the teachers believed it. A new teacher named Ms. Grace who just came to teach in the high school doesn’t believe in such things and ordered a student named Dinda to sit in the desk. After a while Dinda sit in Clara’s chair, strange things start to happen. Dinda felt connected to Clara and sometimes she possessed by mysterious spirit. Feel with responsibility, Ms. Grace and the students work together to solve the mystery of the empty chair.

Release Date : Nov 16, 2006

Director : Helfi CH Kardit

Writer : Aris Munandar, Helfi CH Kardit, Daniel Tito

Staring : Adhitya Putri, VJ Cathy, Bella Esperance, Tities Saputra, Reza Artamevia, Piet Pagau, Keke Harun, Adi Surya Abdi

Studio : Starvision

Runtime :

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