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Nagabonar Jadi 2

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Nagabonar Jadi 2

Directed by

Deddy Mizwar

Produced by

Tyas A Moein

Written by

Musfar Yasin


Deddy Mizwar
Tora Sudiro
Wulan Guritno
Lukman Sardi
Uli Herdinansyah
Darius Sinathrya
Michael Mulyadro

Music by

Theorsi Argeswara

Editing by

Tito Kurnianto



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Naga Bonar Jadi 2 (Naga Bonar Becomes 2) is a sequel of the Indonesian film Naga Bonar (1987).


Nagabonar Jadi 2 is a comedy movie starring Deddy Mizwar and Tora Sudiro as father and son. This movie is a sequel to 1986 hit movie Nagabonar. The story is still about Nagabonar (Deddy Mizwar), a pickpocket who becomes a general during independence war. But now Nagabonar lives in the big city with his son Bonaga (Tora Sudiro). Bonaga is a businessman. Along with his three friends, Pomo (Darius Sinathrya), Ronnie (Uli Herdinansyah) and Jaki (Michael Muliadro) they run a big business. Conflict comes when Bonaga wants to sell his father palm plantation. Monita (Wulan Guritno) a consultant to Bonaga’s business tries to settle down the conflict between Bonaga and Nagabonar.



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Apa kata dunia!!!, 2 September 2007
Author: bima_p from Jakarta, Indonesia

*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

In this sequel to Nagabonar (1986), the now old Nagabonar was asked to live with Bonaga, his foreign educated son, for a while in Jakarta. This was an effort by Bonaga to ask Nagabonar's permission to turn the family palm plantation into a resort. This outraged Nagabonar since the family cemetery was in the plantation. Distraught, he left his son's house and got himself lost in Jakarta.

The theme of this movie is refreshing among Indonesian movies which is now consists of cheap horror flicks and teen romance. The script is filled with dialogues that are funny, smart, and satirical without becoming offensive. The problem is the movie seem to have climaxed in the middle, when Nagabonar agreed to Monita's plan. From that point onwards the story seem to lose direction.

Overall, it is still good movie and a must see of every Indonesian.


Turunkan Tanganmu Jendral! (The Best Scene of movie "Nagabonar Jadi 2")

The Best Scene of movie "Nagabonar Jadi 2", when Nagabonar considered General Sudirman statue's posture was inappropriate.

Nagabonar was played by Deddy Mizwar, Uthman was played by Lukman Sardi. The movie itself was directed by Deddy Mizwar and written by Musfar Yasin.

“Turunkan tanganmu jendral! Apa yang kau hormati siang malam itu??!! Apa karena mereka yang didepanmu itu memakai roda empat??!! Yahhh...Tidak semua dari mereka pantas kau hormati....Turunkan tanganmu..... jendral! Turunkan tanganmu..... jendral!"


Nagabonar (Jadi) 2 or Nagabonar (becomes) 2. It's a unique sort of sequel naming. It brought to my mind the smartness of such titles as Too Fast and Too Furious (which plays the sound /tu:/ meant to mean "too" with the fact that it is the sequel or the "two-th" (2nd) movie to Fast and Furious) or Unforgiven II (which, again, uses the play of the sound /tu:/ of the word 'too,' meaning 'also,' and 'two'). Well, I hope you don't find it confusing. Essentially, this kind of naming is cool.

Anyway, in this very dream, I'd like to talk about some issues concerning the novel version of Nagabonar (Jadi) 2 (henceforth, NJ2). I think I need to talk first about Nagabonar itself, the movie as well as the character. Nagabonar is one of few greatest movies in the history of Indonesian movies. It was published in 1987, starred by Mr. Deddy Mizwar (a senior Indonesian actor), scriptwritten by the late Mr. Asrul Sani (an author, movie director, and cultural thinker). The first movie made headlines and took Deddy Mizwar to win Citra Award (a prestigious movie award) somewhere around 1987 or 1988. Almost all adults (who live in cities or have access to TV networks) know who Nagabonar is. Nagabonar, as a character, still in the first movie, is a general-pickpocket who picked people's wallet in the market and fought against the Dutch who claimed Indonesia as their colony a couple of years following the proclamation of independence. Mr. Asrul Sani himself tried hard to revive Nagabonar. Yet, he died, in 2004, before finishing the script of the sequel. Two years later, Deddy Mizwar, who by then a respected senior actor and had produced several successful, entertaining and enlightening movies and TV series including Sohibul Hikayat, Kiamat Sudah Dekat, and Lorong Waktu, planned to revive Nagabonar. In Musfar Yasin's hands, the screenplay of NJ2 took its form. Deddy Mizwar trusted a journalist-cum-new writer Akmal Nasery Basral once he planned to have the novel version of the screenplay made. And finally, ladies and gentleman, lo!: The novel version of Nagabonar (Jadi) 2. This is what we're talking about today.

Apart from its unique naming, there is still another oddity about this novel. It's the cover. There are two choices of cover. The first on is with the picture of Nagabonar (Deddy Mizwar, meaning THE NAGABONAR) sinking on his back in an armchair and the second one is Bonaga, Nagabonar's son (Tora Sudiro, meaning THE SECOND NAGABONAR). In Indonesia, this is the first book to use choices of cover. Internationally speaking, it IS NOT THE FIRST, of course.

Well, let's come to terms with the heart and soul of the novel. This novel is written by Akmal Nasery Basral. Previously, Akmal Nasery Basral was quite successful with his second book, Ada Seseorang di Kepalaku yang Bukan Aku (I've Got Someself inside My Head other than Myself), a short story collection, in which he shows his mastery of story telling using various ways. In NJ2, Akmal uses a carefree way of storytelling, somewhat similar to that he uses in Boyon, a story in his short story collection. NJ2 tells about the the veteran Nagabonar who is 80 years old by now and has a son who has completed his master degree in a university in England and has run his own company. Nagabonar is invited to join his son in Jakarta to talk about an important subject, that is, his son's business deal which includes transforming Nagabonar's oil palm plantation into a leisure resort. Nagabonar gets mad because underneath a corner of that estate buried the bodies of his beloved wife Kirana, beloved mother 'Mak', and beloved buddy Bujang. Nagabonar leaves his son's office in anger and gets lost in the modern jungle of Jakarta. He soon meets a bajaj driver Umar who takes him around to find his son's home, which happens to be close to Umar's own kampong. Nagabonar also finds Umar a good fellow. The next day, Nagabonar and Umar travel around Jakarta and, while doing so, he contemplates and is compelled to face the fact that people does not save no more respect for the veteran, heroes, or founders of this country.

NJ2, along with another movie-derived-novel Biola Tak Berdawai (The Stringless Violin) by Seno Gumira Ajidarma, marks the new wave of movie novelization. While other movie-derived-novels are MERE novel version of a movie--or let us say, shifting the scenes as they are shown on screens to the pages of books--, NJ2 and Biola Tak Berdawai, published 2 years earlier, show the very quality of novels. Since today I discuss NJ2 in particular, then let us put Biola tak Berdawai aside for a couple of whiles. The author himself, Akmal, states in the preface to this book that he uses a different point of view for this book. In movies, mostly, stories are presented with the third person perspective. So is NJ2 the movie. We, audience, can see anything that happens to all characters. We can see what Bonaga does in his office; we can see what Nagabonar sees while traveling around Jakarta. In the novel, the story is presented through a first person perspective, it's Nagabonar's perspective. Why Nagabonar? It deals with the fact that Nagabonar is one of most prominent characters in the history of Indonesian cinema. Besides, with the course of the novel, readers will see how impossible it would be to tell a lively story of past, including important points in the movie Nagabonar (the first), if the story wasn't told first-handly by Nagabonar himself.

The second point to ponder is the novel's ability to be a pseudo-sequel. Simply speaking, NJ2 the movie is actually the sequel to Nagabonar (1987). The 20 years-interval can possibly cause a problem, that is, the loss of Nagabonar's trace from audiences mind. However, once viewers see the face of Deddy Mizwar and the way he speaks, people will start to recall the pickpocket Nagabonar. Moreover when he alludes to his old days. But, in the novel this kind of effort will not work. One should work a bit harder to make readers familiar to the past of Nagabonar. And the novel version made it. At significant times, Akmal the author presented us readers with Nagabonar's remembrance of things past, of his pickpocketing days, of his fighting days, of his making friends days, which enables us readers, especially those of us who were too young to grasp the story of Nagabonar as it was played in movies or TVs in the nineties and to understand the things past which bring forth the things present. Akmal Nasery Basral has abridged Nagabonar, past and present.

The last thing, which is in fact the most important thing in this book, is the content of the novel: patriotism, heroism, criticism, generation gaps, comedy, entertainment, and several others. The initial idea of Asrul Sani's when he first wrote the screenplay of Nagabonar is to "present people with an enlightening entertainment of forgotten revolutionary heroes, of national heroes who were came criminal background, of how low-clas--and even considered morally inadequate--people bled themselves fighting the colonizers." For the sequel, Deddy Mizwar tried hard to maintain this, without leaving the elements of entertainment, humor, comedy. Therefore, we readers can find NJ2 an entertaining stories with strong messages of generation gap. Nagabonar's view helps us guess how elderly people see the world. Bonaga's view, at the beginning of the story, shows how we young people sometimes pay inadequate amount of respect to our dead ancestors, people we just happened to only hear about, not to see with our very eyes. Umar's indifference of seeing the statue of the national heroes Bung Karno, Bung Hatta and Pak Dirman leads us to think that IT IS exactly what we feel when we see those statues, to think how we young people enjoy an independent country while forgetting those who put their lives at stake to drive Dutch and Japanese away. However, there are also minor supplementary messages, such as, miscellaneous criticisms. We can see how Nagabonar gets sick of seeing Indonesian TV shows which is either ghost-inspired sinetrons (an Indonesian term for soap opera-like shows), teenagers sinetrons, mystical sinetrons with shallow religious loads--this can result in a very long list if Akmal bothers himself finding more instances. There are also criticisms of rural policies in Jakarta, including Transjakarta bus service (a bus line which has its special track) and prohibiton of bajaj to turn into certain streets.

With those points, NJ2 can successfully do what Akmal Nasery Basral wishes it to do: being a movie novelization which can be read separately from the movie version. Movie goers can still enjoy the book to re-experience Nagabonar's adventure in the Jakartanian jungle of skyscrapers plus poor kampongs as well as to experience the Nagabonar's internal self through his interior monologues. And book lovers who opt to read the book first can deepen their grasping of the story by seeing the visual description of the movie version. Well, it's time now for us to pick our own choices of entertainment, books or movies, without complaining either having the book version too shallow or the movie version incomparable to the quality of its book version.


Kangen is an Indonesian movie about a girl named Imel (Bunga Citra Lestari) who just moved from Jakarta to Bandung for study. At the university she meets Tian (Reuben E. Hadju), a boy whom she always become rivalry with. Even though they had quarrel at first love slowly grows between them. But Imel’s ex boyfriend Jacky (Nino Fernandez), suddenly comes to Bandung and tries to separate them.

Release Date : August 30, 2007

Director : Nayato Fio Nuala

Writer : Ve Handojo

Cast : Bunga Citra Lestari, Reuben E. Hadju, Nino Fernandez

Studio : MPV Pictures

Runtime : 90 mins

Website : mvppictures.net/kangen

Trailer :


Lari dari Blora

Lari dari Blora (Harmony Without the Law) is an Indonesian thriller movie. Cyntia, an American girl who works in a non government organization comes to Pati – Blora (Central Java) to do a research on Samin community. Mean while two small crooks run away from prison and hide among the Samin community. There is Ramadhian, a teacher who tries to help Samin’s children to go to school but forbid by local village chief. Because he wants to keep the village nature preserve. Cyntia and Ramadhian meets and they falls in love. Their love makes Hasanah, the village chief’s daughter jealous. Conflicts emerge the Samin community. It is spread that Samin village became the criminal’s hideaway and potential to become the terrorist’s place. A large scale security action is then held.

Release Date : 2007

Director : Akhlis Suryapati

Writer : Akhlis Suryapati

Cast : WS Rendra, Ardina Rasti, Annika Kuyper, Tina Astarim Soultan Saladin, Iswar Kelana

Studio : Ibar Pictures

Runtime :

Website : http://www.laridariblora.com/home.htm

Trailer :


Bukan Bintang Biasa The Movie

Bukan Bintang Biasa is a story about five teenagers who go to the same university. They are Bella, Raffi, Ayu, Dimas and Chelsea. The movie is about love story between these five different characters. Bella and Raffi were lovers but for some reason they have to break up. Dimas who falls for Chelsea, and Ayu who searches her soul mate through chat room.

Release Date : July, 2007

Director : Lasja F. Susantyo

Writer : Lina, Titien Wattimena, Melly Goeslaw

Cast : Laudya C. Bella, Raffi Ahmad, Chelsea Olivia, Dimas Beck, Ayu Shita

Studio : Maxima Pictures

Runtime :

Website : http://www.bbbthemovie.com/

Trailer :


Have you heard of Melly Goeslaw new song “Lets Dance Together”? That song is originally from a soundtrack movie “Bukan Bintang Biasa” or BBB.

You’ve heard the song and you’ve seen the upbeat music video. Now prepare for the big screen version of Melly Goeslaw-created Bukan Bintang Biasa, a group of five rising young stars who will show their skills in acting, singing and a little bit of dancing in the film. In the film, the five stars, i.e. Bella (Laudya Cynthia Bella), Raffi (Raffi Ahmad), Ayu (Ayushita), Dimas (Dimas Beck) and Chelsea (Chelsea Olivia), attend a fictionalized arts academy. Bella and Raffi were once inseparable, yet they chose to go on their own ways over an inexplicable reason. Their friend, Dimas, has a crush on a forgetful girl, Chelsea. Meanwhile, Ayu dreams to meet his dream guy via cyber-chatting. While they prepare for an anniversary celebration of their campus, a secret admirer steps in their lives, and his presence may ruin their friendship. Who is this admirer?



Selamanya is Indonesian romance movie. The movie tells the message about ‘true love stays forever’. Aristha (Julie Estelle) and Bara were lover. They were young and wild but loves each other. After their juvenile life they’re separated. Bara got himself clean. He started a completely new life, losing track with Aristha for years. In his beautiful new life, Bara now is a groom-to-be for Nina, a beautiful and loving lady. When Aristha resurfaces in her worst condition ever, Bara feels responsible to bring Aristha to the straight line. As he starts to open the door to the past life, the love is quickly rekindled. Aristha’s fragility takes him over with a storm of romance and compassion.

Release Date : July 19, 2007

Director : Ody C. harahap

Writer : Sekar Ayu Asmara

Cast : Julie Estelle, Dimas Seto, Masayu Anastasia

Studio : MVP Pictures

Runtime : 90 mins

Website : http://www.mvppictures.net/selamanya/

Trailer :


Anak-anak Borobudur

Anak-anak Borobudur is a story about a kid in the village who grows up in the Indonesian village culture. The movie takes place in a village near the Borobudur Temple in the Central Java. The village people make their living by dig up stone and carve it into statue. Amat (Adadiri Tanpalang), a fifth grade boy helps his mute father with stone carving. At a school event, Amat wins a stone carving competition but he returns the price to the school because he felt that he doesn’t deserve it. He claims that his father is the one who finished the statue for competition for him. This action makes a huge impact. Amat dispels from school and his father is fired from his job. Even everybody doesn’t want to talk to him. Until Doni (Butet Kartaredjasa), an art reporter found this case and reports it to the governor. When the central Java governor, Mrs. Suryani (Christine Hakim) comes to the village, she gives Amat a present for his brave and integrity to tell the truth.

Release Date : July 5,2007

Director : Anak-anak Borobudur

Writer : Anak-anak Borobudur

Cast : Christine Hakim, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Nungki Kusumastuti, Butet Kertaradjasa, Adi Kurdi, Adadiri Tampalang

Studio : Atmo Amadel Film

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Kamu lah satu-satunya

Kamulah satu-satunya (You’re the one) is an Indonesian drama movie starring Nirina Zubir as Indah, a village girl who works at a small coffee shop belongs to her grandfather (Didi Petet). Indah is a huge fans of the Dewa 19 group band. She is willing to do anything to see her favorite band. With her friend’s help, Indah run away from home to go to Jakarta to find Dewa 19. But when she is close to get what she’s dreaming for, she realized that a lot of things she did are hurting other people who cares for her, including her best friend Bowo (Junior) who secretly falls in love with her.

Release Date : 2007

Director : Hanung Bramantyo

Writer : Hanung Bramantyo, Key Mangunsong, Raditya

Cast : Nirina Zubir, Junior Liem, Didi Petet, Fani Fadilah, Tarzan, Ringgo Agus Rahman

Studio : Oerima Productions

Runtime :

Website : http://www.kamulahsatusatunya.com/

Trailer :


Mengejar Mas-Mas

Poppy Sovia and Dina Olivia stars the movie titled Mengejar Mas-Mas. The story is about a young girl named Shanaz (Poppy Sovia) who had a fight with her widowed mother because her mother is going to be remarried. She run away from home and try to find her boyfriend Mika in Yogyakarta, but when she arrived in Yogyakarta, Mika is still on vacation. With no money and nowhere to go, Shanaz meets Ningsih, a low class prostitute in Yogyakarta. Ningsih allowed Shanaz to stay with her at her place. Shanaz also meets Parno (Dwi Sasono), a local street singer, Ningsih’s ex boyfriend. Parno helps Shanaz a lot and slowly Shanaz falls in love with Parno who 20 years older than her. When Mika finds her and asked her to come back to Jakarta, Shanaz has to choose between Parno and Mika.

Release Date : May 24, 2007

Director : Rudy Soedjarwo

Writer : Monty Tiwa

Cast : Dinna Olivia, Dwi Sasono, Poppy Sovia, Elmayana Sabrenia, Ira Wibowo, Roy Marten

Studio : DePIC Production

Runtime : 94 mins

Website : http://www.mengejarmasmas.com/

Trailer :


Coklat Stroberi

Coklat Stroberi is Indonesian teenage movie about friendship. Two best friends Key (Nadia Saphira) and Citra (Marsha Timothy) live together in a rented house in Jakarta. They are students but also taking part time job. Citra works in a distro and Key is trying to find her life become a TV star. Their financial is not really good. Key’s producer is wanting something else makes Key cancelled her contract. Due of their financial problem, they can’t pay the rent to Madam Ratna (Tike Priatnakusuma) the landlady. Because of that Madam Ratna forces them to share the house with two other persons, Nesta (Nino Fernandez) and Aldi (Marrio Merdhithia). These two news guys are handsome, but there is some secrets seem lies behind them

Release Date : June 14, 2007

Director : Ardy Octaviand

Writer : Upi

Cast : Marrio Merdhithia, Nino Fernandez, Nadia Saphira, Marsha Timothy, Tieke Priatnakusuma

Studio : Investasi Film Indonesia

Runtime : 100 mins

Website : http://www.coklatstroberi.com/

Trailer :


Love Is Cinta

Love is Cinta, tells story about Cinta and Ryan, high school students who have feeling for each other but have difficulties to express it. Near the graduation day Ryan only says the word ‘Love’ to Cinta. After the graduation Ryan has to continue his study to America. In America, something happened to him. Feel that he has unfinished love with Cinta, he comes back as other person, Dony.

Release Date : March 22, 2007

Director : Hanny R saputra

Writer : Armantono

Cast : Irwansyah, Acha Septriasa, Raffi Ahmad, Nirina Zubir, Henidar Amroedhika Pratama, Juwita Maritsa, Tio Pakusadewo, Agastya Kandau, Unique Pricilla

Producer : Chand Parwez

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Cinta Pertama

Story start from a big secret revealed before the wedding day of Abi (Richard Kevin) and Alya (Bunga Citra Lestari). Abi finds Alya’s diary and discovery that Alya got brain cancer. Beside that, She still in love with her High School’s friend, Sunny (Ben Joshua). When Alya is in comma caused of cancer, Abi intended to find Sunny and ask him to meet Alya.

Abi finally find Sunny. With Sisi, Sunny’s wife’s permission, Sunny visits Alya. Sunny so touched to see Alya , who was so agile and fun, laying weak and hopeless. What would Sani says and does for Alya? How is the story end?

Release Date : Dec 07, 2006

Director : Nayato Fio Nuala

Writer : Titien Wattimena

Staring : Bunga Citra Lestari, Richard Kevin, Ben Joshua, Ratna Ruchia, Varissa Camelia, Heidy Kandou

Studio : Maxima Pictures

Runtime :

Website : http://cintapertama.maxima.ws/



Rachel (Nirina Zubir) is a young energetic tomboy, looking unconcerned but smart and full of initiative ? while Farel (Irwansyah) is a handsome, creative, full of surprises young man. They grew up together and have been friends since childhood until they grew up.

One day at the bookshop Farel meets a young pretty Luna (Acha Spetriana), a comic writer. It was love at first sight for Farel and he confides to Rachel could do expect to give her best to support Farel and help wins Luna`s heart. In her efforts suddenly Rachel feels jealous, something she had never felt before. Slowly she tries to change her appearance to look more feminine. Subconsciously all Rachel wanted was to get Farel`s attention because she was afraid of losing him.

One day Rachel accidently sees Luna and Farel kissing passionately. She went amuck then ran away with no direction, resulting in an accident and causing her legs to be amputated. The same time on their happiest moment, Luna had suddenly become sick. Both Luna and Rachel are admitted to the same hospital. It was there that Rachel saw how deeply Farel loved Luna and how Luna at her most critical time desperately needed a donor for her heart.

Will Rachel be able to accept the painful truth of losing Farel to Luna? Can Farel accept the reality of losing Luna forever? And what will Rachel do for her best friend`s happiness who also happens to be her only love?

Release Date : May 11, 2006

Director : Hanny R. Saputra

Writer : Armantono

Staring : Nirina Zubir, Irwansyah, Acha Septriana, Ari Sihasale

Studio : Starvision

Runtime : 125 min.

Website :

Trailer :


Mendadak Dangdut

Petris (Titi Kamal) a new comer alternative rock singer with selfish behavior. The only person who could understand her is Yulia (Kinaryosih),her older sister also become her manager.

One day, accidentally they are involved in the serious problem that caused them have to escape from their previous neighborhood.

In their hiding, they are listening to dangdut group ?Senandung Citayam?. I t`s a arguing between the group leader ?Senandung Citayam?, Rizal (Dwi Sasono) and the dangdut main singer, Fetty Madu Manis which Fetty finally leaves the group. Petris volunteer her self to replace Fetty to sing. Rizal has no choice and in the end, they join the group sing from one village to another. Rizal changes her name become Iis Maduma. In this hiding adventure, Petris learns how hard to make a living and also change her style?.become dangdut singer.

Release Date : Aug 10, 2006

Director : Rudy Soedjarwo

Writer : Monty Tiwa

Staring : Titi Kamal, Kinaryosih, Dwi Sasono, Vincent R., Sakurta H. Ginting

Studio : Sinemart Production

Runtime : 90 min.

Website : http://www.sinemart.com/mendadakdangdut/



Denias, a farmer’s son lives in Papua countryside who always enthusiastic and wants to go to school. Denias’ world is simple, playing and go to school beside helping his father in the field.

To keep schooling, Denias leaves the house. Despite very far and many of barriers, Denias continues to pursue his dream. There, Denias struggle is not finished yet, as a common ethnic child, Denias is not able to go to public school. His encounter with Enos makes Denias could enter the schoolyard and make an effort to reap knowledge by his own way.

Could Denias go to school again?

Release Date : Oct 19, 2006

Director : John de Rantau

Writer : Jeremias Nyangoen

Staring : Albert Fakdawer, Ari Sihasale, Marcella Zalianty, Mathias Muchus, Michael Mohede, Audrey Papilaya

Studio : Alenia Pictures

Runtime : 102 mins

Website : http://www.deniasmovie.com/

Trailer :


Janji Joni

The story start from one young man, Joni (Nicholas Saputra), works at behind the cinema screen. Timing is an important thing for him. Because he is a movie reels escort.

But one day, every corner in the city seems to conspire to ruin his job, while he has something he won`t to loose, a girl of his future (Mariana Renata).

Release Date : Apr 28, 2005

Director : Joko Anwar

Writer : Joko Anwar

Staring : Nicholas Saputra, Mariana Renata, Rachel Maryam

Studio : Kalyana Shira Film

Runtime : 85 min.

Website :

Trailer :


Bangku Kosong

Bangku Kosong (Empty Chair), tells a story about a possessed girl in a high school. Once there was a high school girl named Clara who went missing, and the body never found. After the incident, no one dare to sit in the desk that Clara used to sit. They believed that Clara’s spirit still haunted the chair. Even the teachers believed it. A new teacher named Ms. Grace who just came to teach in the high school doesn’t believe in such things and ordered a student named Dinda to sit in the desk. After a while Dinda sit in Clara’s chair, strange things start to happen. Dinda felt connected to Clara and sometimes she possessed by mysterious spirit. Feel with responsibility, Ms. Grace and the students work together to solve the mystery of the empty chair.

Release Date : Nov 16, 2006

Director : Helfi CH Kardit

Writer : Aris Munandar, Helfi CH Kardit, Daniel Tito

Staring : Adhitya Putri, VJ Cathy, Bella Esperance, Tities Saputra, Reza Artamevia, Piet Pagau, Keke Harun, Adi Surya Abdi

Studio : Starvision

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Jeruk Purut

Jeruk Purut is a Cemetery which is believed to be haunted. A horror novelist, Anna who wrote a story about ghost in Jeruk Purut cemetery found death at her house. Anna’s best friend, Airin is trying to solve the mystery of Airin death through the novels that Anna wrote. Besides solving the mystery, Airin also has an ambition to write a horror novel based on the Anna’s incident. Her investigation brings her to Jeruk Purut cemetery and Airin become obsessed by the ghost story. Right after Airin’s visit to the cemetery, mysterious accidents start to happen to Anna and her friends. It seems that the Jeruk Purut ghost wants Airin to stop the investigation.

Release Date : Nov 30, 2006

Director : Koya Pagayo

Writer : Ery Sofid

Staring : Angie Virgin, Sheila Marcia, Samuel C Heckenbucker

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Terowongan Casablanca

fter the success of Rumah Pondok Indah and Hantu Jeruk Purut, Indika Entertainment released another Horror Movie titled ‘Terowongan Casablanca’. Terowongan Casablanca is an underpass in South Jakarta. Based on the police report many accident has happened in the underpass. There is an urban legend that this area is haunted by a spirit of a high school student who died on the 70s because she failed to do abortion. The story is based on this legend.

Release Date : February 22, 2007

Director : Nanang Istiabudi

Writer : Faldhin Martha

Cast : Asya Shara, Ardina Rasti, Nino Fernandez, Aldiansyah, Jupiter Fortissimo, Ray Sahetapy, Margie, Fivey V, Ki Joko Bodho, Titi Qadarsih

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime :

Website : http://www.terowongancasablanca.com

Trailer :


Malam Jumat Kliwon

Malam Jumat Kliwon is a new horror movie from the Indonesian Horror director who brought you Hantu Jeruk Purut and Terowongan Casablanca, Koya Pagayo. This movie has the same title as an Indonesian horror movie starred Suzanna released late 80, but it’s not related to that movie. The story is about four teenagers Dhika (ben Joshua), Ramon (Robertino), Joana (Debby Kristy) dan Sheila (Gracia Indri) who have to run away from the police after someone frame them by put some herion in their car after they went partying. In their run in the dark night of Jumat Kliwon, they experience the scarier things in their lives.

Release Date : May 31, 2007

Director : Koya Pagayo

Writer : Ery Sofid

Cast : ben Joshua, Robertino, Debby Kristy, Gracia Indri

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime : 90 mins

Website :

Trailer :


Suster Ngesot

Suster Ngesot is one of Indonesian scary legend. As the title, the movie is based on that scary legend. Two young girls who worked as nurse, Vira (Nia Ramadhani) and Silla (Donita) are on their business trip from Jakarta to Bandung. They meet Mike, an Australian who’s on trip to Indonesia. They have to stay at the old dormitory with mysterious keeper named Mak Saroh. They don’t know that long time ago, there was a young woman killed by her cheated boyfriend, and her spirit still haunted people especially who having affair.

Release Date : May 10, 2007

Director : Arie Aziz

Writer : Aviv Elham

Cast : Nia Ramadhani, Mike Lewis, Donita, Lia Wode, Jajang C. Noer, Arswendy Nasution, Mastur

Studio : MD Pictures

Runtime : 87 mins

Website :

Trailer :


Film Horror

Film Horror is an Indonesian comedy movie with the same concept as Scary Movie. Film Horror is a parody movie from several Indonesian Horror movies. The story is about a group of college students named Beni, Dani and Asto who make a bet to sleep with Mala, a beautiful girl on their campus. But accidentally they killed Mala. After the incident strange things begin to happen. They haunted by Mala’s spirit.

Release Date : November 29, 2007

Director : Toto Hoedi

Writer :

Cast : Angie Virgin, Sheila Marcia, Andhika Gumilang, Reza Rahadian, Cut Memey, Ferry Irawan

Studio : Indika Entertainment


Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Jelangkung 3

Jelangkung 3 is a horror movie based on the story behind the 2001 Jelangkung movie. The story centers on Yodi (Andrew Roxburgh) a young man who watched the movie Jelangkung alone. Although his two best friends, Patra (Reza Pahlevi) dan Cris (Griselda Mitha) warned him not to watch the movie alone he didn’t care. Even he sat on a empty chair which dedicated to the spirit who sacrificed in the making of Jelangkung movie. Strange things happen after he watched the movie. A spirit of a small kid keep haunted him. Yodi is so frightened and asked his best friends to help him.

Release Date : October 10, 2007

Director : Angga Dwimas Sasongko

Writer : Ginantri S. Noer, Erwin Arnada

Cast : Mitha Griselda, Andrew R. Roxburgh, M. Reza Pahlevi

Studio : Rexinema


Runtime : 90 mins

Website :

Trailer :



Joshua (VJ Ramon), a highschool student living under pressure, at home and at school also. Both of Joshua`s parents adopt a very harsh upbringing, there is no tolerance or forgiveness towards their son. One mistake will cause very harsh consequences for Joshua, both physically and mentally.

Similar to that, he received the same treatment at school. Joshua always get physical punishment from h is friends because he is considered an outsider. Not to mention on how teachers treat him differently. However, it is later known that Joshua was once together with Kattie (Metta Yunatria), a beautiful girl at school. Kattie later became paranoid because Joshua`s weird behaviours and later experienced a mental breakdown. Kattie decided to break it off and got close to Mike (Sammuel), which Joshua considered an act of treason.

Pressure after pressure that Joshua experienced caused him to become very unstable. Until one day, Joshua decided to take hostages some of his school friends. He had to do that since he cannot take it anymore with all their treatments. Joshua took hold of three girls and three boys in the teacher`s lounge: Kattie, Jessica, Emi, Mike, Matius and Jerry. They were considered friends to Joshua one, but Joshua realized that he was a big joke to them.

Release Date : May 18, 2006

Director : Nayato

Writer : Eka D. Sitorus

Staring : VJ Ramon, Metha Yunatra, Sheila Marcia, Indra Brasco, Olga Lydia

Studio : Indika Entertainment

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :


Lanta 13

Lantai 13 (Thirteenth Floor) is an Indonesian horror movie starring Widi Mulia, well known as Widi AB Three, one of the personnel of trio singer AB Three. The story is about a girl named Luna (Widi) who got a job in an office at thirteenth floor. But Luna experiencing a lot of strange things when she works at the office. She often heard someone whisper in her ears, crying in the toilet and smells something weird in the lift. Later she knows those strange things happened because one year ago, 6 June 2006, the owner of the building killed 12 women to become a sacrifice so that his business can grow. He tricked the women to become secretary of his company, but then he killed it. It’s supposed to be 13 women, but one year ago a woman didn’t respond to the invitation letter he sent. The thirteenth woman is Luna. And after one year, Albert, the building owner is still going to complete his sacrificing ceremony.

Release Date : June 7, 2007

Director : Helfi Kardit

Writer : Helfi Kardit

Cast : Widi Mulia (AB Three), Ariyo Wahab, Virnie Ismail, Lucky Hakim, Tio Pakusadewo

Studio : Starvision

Runtime :

Website :

Trailer :Flash Player



Gendewuro is one of a scary ghost legend in Indonesia. Genderuwo is known as a big, black and hairy ghost. Now the legend comes to movie. The story is about Rai (Robby Shine), a novelist with big dream to have a masterpiece in his career. He obsessed with his dream resulted he neglected his wife, Astri (Indah Kirana). He is working on a novel titled “Genderuwo” a horror, thrilling novel. Strangely, during his work he experienced a lot of mysterious things.

Release Date : 6 September, 2007

Director : KK Dheeraj

Writer : KK Dheeraj

Cast : Davina Veronica, Robby Shine, Indah Kirana

Studio : K2K Production

IMDB : Link

Runtime : 90 mins

Website : genderuwofilm.com/

Trailer :



Hantu (Ghost) is an Indonesian horror movie. The story is about five young man and woman who make a trip to a lake called Setra Wingit. They are Gali (Oka Antara) and his girlfriend, Rinjani (Dhea Ananda), Ray (Dwi Andhika), Maya (Monique Henry) and Indra (Andhika Gumilang). The lake is located on the remote area near a forest which no one has gone before. When they get to the lake, strange things begin to happen and the terror starts when Rinjani disappears.

Release Date : August 9, 2007

Director : Adrianto Sinaga

Writer :

Cast : Oka Antara, Dhea Ananda, Dwi Andhika, Andhika Gumilang, Monique Henry

Studio : Grandiz Media Production

Runtime : 95 mins

Website :

Trailer :


Lawang Sewu(Dendam Kuntilanak)

Lawang Sewu is an Indonesian horror movie titled based on an old building in Semarang, a city in Central Java. A group of youngsters celebrate their school holiday by make a trip to Semarang. Their happy vacation becomes a nightmare when they visit a place called Lawang Sewu (means a building with thousand doors). Lawang Sewu is not an ordinary old building. The place has a mystery which brings them into a terror. One by one they have to pay with their life.

Release Date : September, 2007

Director : Arie Azis

Writer : Aviv Elham

Cast : Thalita Latief, Salvina, Bunga Jelita, Tsania Marwa, Marcell Darwin, Ronald Gustav

Studio : MD Pictures

IMDB : Link

Runtime : 90 mins

Website : lawangsewu-dendamkuntilanak.com

Trailer :


Suster N

Suster N is an Indonesian horror movie based on an urban legend of “suster ngesot” (a dying nurse crawling on the floor). Set place in West Java, Suster N tells story about an elderly house called Villa Rose. The house named after its owner, Rose (Dominique Sanda). After years Rose’s taking care of the elderly house, she wants to give the house to her granddaughter, Sarah (Atiqah Hasiholan). Sarah is so exciting about the house, she moved back to Indo-nesia from Holland with her husband Jonathan (Bob Seven). But this elderly house has a secret from the past. The house is haunted by a spirit of death nurse called Suster N.

Release Date : October 25, 2007

Director : Viva Westi

Writer : Viva Westi

Cast : Atiqah Hasiholan, Wulan Guritno, Bob Seven, Dominique Sanda, Ardina Rasti, Ratna Riantiarno, Titi Qadarsih, Jajang C. Noer

Studio : Virgo Putra Film

IMDB : Link

Runtime : 95 mins

Website : suster-n.com

Trailer :


Sundel Bolong

Sundel Bolong is an Indonesian urban legend, about a woman who rose from the dead and haunted people. The woman usually wears white with long hair and has a hole in her back. The story centers on Imah, an ex-Ronggeng dancer. She who wants to leave behind her past life as Ronggeng dancer, because people sees Ronggeng dancer is just the same as prostitute. Even now she married to a Sarpa who works in tea plantation people still dislike her because of her past. The tea plantation owner, Danapati (Tio Pakusadewo) falls for Imah. He sends Sarpa to Sumatra and while Sarpa not around he rapes Imah. When Sarpa comes back, Imah doesn’t tell him about Danapati. It seems to be a perfect crime for Danapati, but since then, strange things happen in the village. Every night one of the village people found death with a hole in their back.

Release Date : October 18, 2007

Director : Hanung Bramantyo

Writer : Erik Tiwa, Hanung Bramantyo

Cast : Baim, Tio Pakusadewo, Jian Batari, Uli Auliani

Studio : Rapi Film


Sabtu, 17 November 2007

Kuntilanak 2

Kuntilanak 2 is the sequel of the first movie starring Julie Estelle. The story continues. Samantha (Julie Estelle) is more and more involve in her dark side. Meanwhile Mangkoedjiwo sect wants to get her to become their sect leader. Sam is struggling try to escape from the dark side. Together with Agung she fights back to Mangkoedjiwo sect.

Release Date : October 10, 2007

Director : Rizal Mantovani

Writer : Ve Handojo

Cast : Julie Estelle, Evan Sanders, Ibnu Jamil, Lita Soewardi, Piet Pagau, Bella Esperance

Studio : MVP Pictures


Pocong 3

After the success of Pocong 2, here comes the third sequel. Putri (Francine) is a DJ in a night club named Vendetta. Suddenly she heard news about her father who left her ten years ago. Her father has passed away. This news is such a shock to Putri because a mystery that haunted her for the past ten years is reason why her father left her. She decided to forget about it and move on with her life. But strange things happen. She feels that something haunts her and she feels that this is connected to her father’s death. To solve the mystery Putri tries to find Laksmi (Rina Hassim) who knows everything about her father.

Release Date : October 10, 2007

Director : Monty Tiwa

Writer : Monty Tiwa

Cast : Francine, Darius Sinathrya, Elmayana, Sabrenia, Gary Iskak, Rina Hassim

Studio : Sinemart Pictures